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Your skin is porous

Do you know that your skin is porous? This means your skin absorbs what ever you apply to it. So make sure to apply products free of unnecessary chemcials. Bahverse's products are free of parabens, BHT, formaldehyde, phthalates, and many other needless chemicals. We also do not use soybean oil in our products .

Quality Matters

When I did my first big chop in 2010, I started reading product labels. I saw a long list of chemicals in everything and was shocked. Some were derived from natural plants and herbs, but many chemicals were synthetic. I started doing more research and learned that I could create my own products. There were many products out in the market, but none I was completely satisfied with. I could not find products that gave me the best of both worlds (products that worked but were also "clean"). SO...I decided to create them. I started formulating products in 2010 and have been perfecting them since. The goal is to provide products that are effective while being environmental and body safe. 

Bahiyyah Yogo- Shakoor | FOUNDER x LEAD FORMULATOR

The Best Beard Care

Jojoba Oil

Dehydrated hair will not grow. Jojoba oil helps seal the moisture into beard.

Argan Oil

Beard dandruff is real. Argan oil provides the moisture needed to hydrate the skin and beard hairs. 

Rosehip Oil

Due to high antioxidant levels in rosehip oil, it can protect against UV Rays. 

Amber Bottle

Prevents photo-oxidation of the beard oil.

Best Oil for Overall Hair Health

The Perfect Formula

Formulated for hair growth and scalp health. Eliminates dandruff and improves scalp condition within 2 weeks. 


Can be used as hot oil treatment and/or everyday use. For finer textures, it's best to use only as hot oil treatment.

Hair Growth

Reduces breakage of hair strands and seals in moisture, creating an environment to increase hair growth. With regular use 3 times a week you will start to see results within 2-3 months.

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Do you have any questions?

Why organic and cold pressed oils?

Organic oils are grown without pesticides. Cold pressed oils are not processed in any way. They are free of harmful solvent residues, not deodorized, or bleached.

Why dark color bottles/containers?

Amber or Cobalt bottles/containers protect products from light damage. This will ensure the quality of the products for a longer time.


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